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RevoZport Holdings Ltd.?is the parent company of:

RevoZport Racing Technology Ltd.?? has an international distribution network for its own Automotive and Lifestyle product line. It is primarily focused on the performance and styling accessories of vehicles like Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, BMW, AMG etc. Our design studio is also situated in UK with designers from Europe continuously developing new products for RevoZport and customers around the world.

RevoZport Manufacturing (China) Ltd.?? is the manufacturing arm of RevoZport. It focused in the production of Composite fibre products for OEM, ODM and our own designed products. The factory is based in Zhongshan province of the PRC.

RevoZport (UK) Ltd.?? is primarily focused in the distribution and sales of OEM and RevoZport products within UK and the neighbouring countries.



The mission of RevoZport is to provide premium quality products with ergonomic and functional design that makes each and every one of our customer proud and pleased.

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